Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whats New At International Super Cool?

Super Cool! Super Cool! Had you invested 1 cent in 2009 you would now have 3 billion dollars thanks to super cool growth at International Super Cool Limited. Super Cool.

Things Are Not Just Cool At International Super Cool They Are Super Cool!

How Super Cool Can things get? Really Super Cool. Ginormous Super Cool. International Super Cool Is The Best Place to work in America. Our 6 employees are all on permanent paid leave and are fully invested in the pension plan. Thanks to the Michael Moore system we get all our funding from the federal government. We are the company where your money gets redistributed to. All of the government's unfunded liabilities belong to us because we secretly control the Federal Reserve thanks to a tiny bulb in the Obama health care plan you may not have noticed. It is perfectly legal. We are a corporation created by the congress you elected. Super Cool? You bet it is! We are looking for a new CEO and the board is now meeting to consider offering Charlie Sheen the job.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our New Super BS Gets Astounding Ratings From Our Worst Critics.

The popularity of our Super BS systems gets raves reviews from our least refreshing critics. There is a ten year list for customers to apply for an application to get direct access to New Super BS from International Super Cool Limited.

International Super Cool Remains A Private Limited Corporation Absolutely No Intention of Selling Equity Stakes.

The company has decided to discontinue widget production by April 2011 to concentrate on more lucrative feelings and inspirations. Company profit margins are expected to top 700% in 2012.